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The Jennifers (Denyse Tontz (Jennifer 1), Spencer Locke in the early Season 1 episodes and Season 2/Kelli Goss in the later Season 1 episodes (Jennifer 2), and Savannah Jayde (Jennifer 3)) are three girls with the same name that live and go to school at the Palm Woods who sing, dance, and act. Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos fall for them but the girls won't date them until they become famous. According to Katie, they have a "lack of fear". They are all at least 16 years old. They are great actresses as shown in "Big Time Crib" when they pretended that Bitters refrigerator fell on them with "blood" (ketchup) all on them. One of the shows running gags is every time they enter a scene, they move in slow motion as if on a runway, Jennifer 2 always being in the center and the others holding her arms. In "Big Time Fever", Jennifer 2 goes off to film a soap opera and when the other 2 Jennifers attempt to enter in their signature walk, they stop halfway and trip apparently because Jennifer 2 wasn't there for them to hold, pushing them to make Carlos into a Jennifer. Camille comments that before catching the Hollywood Fever, the Jennifers moved in normal motion. It seems that Spencer Locke will return playing Jennifer 2 in season 2 after wrapping up Resident Evil: Afterlife.