Stephanie King (Tristin Mays) is the "third" new girl at the "Palm Woods" who all the boys liked in the episode "Big Time Terror" and was later discovered to be the Palm Woods ghost. She helped the boys get rid of Gustavo from their apartment in exchange for them keeping her low-budget horror movie a secret from Mr. Bitters and her father. She also taught Katie how to scare people using only a fishing line to pull objects around without any visible trace, making them think it was a ghost. She seems to show affection for the boys, in the episode "Big Time Terror" she referred them as "cute and hot" after them finding out she was the Palm Woods ghost and in "Big Time Dance", Carlos and Stephanie both like each other but they don't know that. Stephanie is friends with Jo, Camille and Rachael. Her name is most likely a reference to the novelist Stephen King. It is unknown if she will re-appear again