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Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) is the 16 year old appointed leader and top schemer of the band, he is portrayed as the glue that keeps the them together. Despite Logan being the genius of the group, it is Kendall who manages to stay cool under pressure and figure out the solutions to the problems, often resulting in the other guys going to Kendall when they can't solve their problems. In the pilot Big Time Audition it was James who was going to the audition, but he pushed his friends into auditioning as well. When James was turned down by Gustavo, an enraged Kendall sung an insulting song at him called the Giant Turd Song which resulted in Gustavo wanting Kendall as his singer because he believed he had the "fire". Kendall agreed to go to L.A. only if Gustavo took James, Carlos, and Logan as well to make them a band. He was supposed to be the bad boy of the band, but refused. He has a sister, Katie Knight, who helps her brother sometimes. Kendall goes after Jo for 2 episodes before he finds out that she was lying about having a boyfriend. Jo and Kendall then start spending a lot of time together. In "Big Time Dance" Kendall upsets Jo because he never asked her to the dance. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Kendall thought he and Jo were together so he thought he didn't have to ask. Kendall and Jo are then confirmed as a couple. In "Big Time Fever", Kendall is the only one who never caught "Hollywood Fever", which turned out to be a subconscious manifestation of homesickness, because he never lost touch with the life and hobbies he had in Minnesota, but cures the whole band of their "Hollywood Fever" at the end of the episode. Kendall dates Jo. In the episode Big Time Halloween, Kendall is a werewolf, and he tries to hide his true identity from Jo.

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