Jo Taylor (Katelyn Tarver) is the first new girl at the Palm Woods and is currently Kendall's girlfriend. She is an aspiring singer although she has only sung along with the group and their friends in the episode Big Time Terror. She first appeared in Big Time Love Song where the guys were battling it out to see who would get to date her. Following these events, it was Kendall who kept on insisting on Jo to give him a chance but she kept turning him down telling him she had a boyfriend back home when in reality she had no boyfriend and only said that because her career went first and boys second. She eventually began spending more time with Kendall and was finally acknowledged as Kendall's girlfriend in the end-of-year school dance. It was shown that Jo and Kendall are dating in "Big Time Concert" when she kissed him goodbye. Jo's last name is revealed in "Welcome Back Big Time".