The boys are relaxing near the pool, wondering about why famous celebrities can't be around them. As they are thinking about Jordin Sparks, she suddenly appears, asking them for Mr. Bitters, however they are too shocked to talk to her, and studders. At the lobby, they ask what she is doing here, and Jordin says she is working on a song with Gustavo, who warns the guys to keep their distance from her so they won't bring her bad luck. Gustavo and Kelly are also trying to drag a skunk away from Rocque Records, after Hawk (Gustavo's arch-rival & the owner of Hawk Records) deliver it as a so-called present, when it is actually a plan to drag Jordin away from there due to smell, and come to Hawk Records to record the song there instead. Carlos & Logan realize they can't be near her, but they must protect her, which backfires as she got attacked by a cat, tripped on a banana, and fell into a wishing well. At first, Gustavo was going to punish them, however less for saving the studio from the skunk. Then, Jordin said without them, she wouldn't figure out the song, and decides that the song should be a duet with the boys. They then proceed to sing Count On You. Jordin and the boys also outsmart Hawk by delivering the skunk back, upon Gustavo's request. Also, Bitters is trying to take embarrassing pictures of Jordin so he could be rich. Meanwhile, Jo is seeing Kendall and Jordin doing things and thinks that Kendall has a "thing" for Jordin. Afterwards, they went back to the lobby to say good-bye and she hugs the guys, and Kendall, but as they are doing so, Jo appears, still thinking that Kendall is cheating on her with Jordin, she runs off, then Jordin said he might need flowers to give to her. The episode ends with Kendall trying to convince Jo that it is "not what it looks like" as he chases her.