The boys are at the Palm Woods, severely injured. Camille asked them why they look so beat up if they just got their picture in Pop Tiger. The boys show their entire flashback from beginning to end: The boys were having their very first photo shoot as Big Time Rush. However, with Gustavo and Kelly doing community service for vandalizing Matthew McConaughey's mailbox, Griffin took over and makes them "space matadors with stuffy puppies". A simple photo shoot becomes a race for time and the perfect shot. Meanwhile, Katie and her mom are determined to get an autograph from teen hunk Dak Zevon, and Mrs. Knight starts to go a little nuts when the security guards are mean to Katie, so she (Mrs. Knight) gets all the fans of Dak and tries to barricade the door to Dak's recording room. Katie realizes what is coming for Dak, so she crawls into his recording room via an air vent and invites him to escape with her, and he makes it just in time, and the girls yell "Find Dak!!" when they can't find him. When Katie and Dak come out of the other air vent where the boys are. She is so psyched to be with Dak that she accidentally shouts "It's Dak Zevon!". The fans hear her and tackle Dak, and the boys are caught in the riot, resulting in their severe injuries. They explain to Camille that it was all worth it because now their pictures will be on the walls of millions of girls. But the boys are then disappointed to hear that Dak Zevon is on the other side of the poster, so the girls will order the poster just for the Dak Zevon side.