When Gustavo has to go away on a business trip in North Carolina, he needs somebody to house-sit his mansion, but says that the boys can't do it because they're "monkey-dogs". However, since Freight Train can't do it because he broke Gustavo's statue last time he house-sat the mansion, Gustavo is forced to let the boys do it, as long as Kendall was in charge. While the boys do their best to keep the house in pristine condition, they break all his rules and inevitably destroy everything inside that Gustavo values. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight is upset because she feels as though Kendall doesn't rely on her anymore, so Katie pretends to be sick so that her mother will care about her and Mrs Knight "babys" Katie by calling her princess, wrapping her in blankets, blowing steam in a frog steam holder, and feeding her medicine. Then, when the boys find out Gustavo is coming home early, Kendall asks his mom to help clean up the mansion and fix everything. While in North Carolina, Gustavo and Kelly view another boy band called the Windmills, who idolize Gustavo. At first, Gustavo enjoys it, but then can't stand it. Kelly gets him to admit that he likes the boys and needs them to argue with him and get in his face. When Gustavo is telling the boys that he likes them, the statue that they fixed fell apart again and the boys say that they like him as well and flee. The episode ends with Gustavo getting aspirin and being attacked by the alligator that the boys hid in the bathroom