It’s Halloween in Palm Woodsylvania and the monstrous personas of Big Time Rush come to light: James is a Vampire, Logan is a Zombie who keeps losing his limbs, Carlos is Franken-Carlos and Kendall is a Werewolf who is trying to hide his real identity from Jo. James is in love with a vampire slayer (Jeanine Mason) who tries to slay him (in vampire form), and Logan has to devise a plan to keep Lightning from biting his body parts off. Meanwhile, Griffin tells Gustavo that the boys can't perform on his "Big Night of Fright" unless he turns them into "normals." Gustavo then tests his "Hot Boy Band Machine" on Franken-Carlos and turns him into a black bunny, (but has a good singing voice), a pageant woman, Brobee from "Yo Gabba Gabba, and then back into himself but with extra strengh and insanity, which causes him to go on a rampage and eventually chased by an angry mob, (Eventually to be saved by Kendall and Kelly). Gustavo finally manages to fix the machine and changes the boys into "normals." Kendall then reveals to Jo that he is a werewolf (but Jo doesn't care and already knew). After performing "Big Night" at Griffin's "Big Night of Fright", they eventually turn back into monsters and James is chased by the slayer again. Katie finally convinces Mrs. Knight to put magic on the cake that says Happy Halloween from Big Time Rush