A heatwave strikes Hollywood and James starts to use tanning spray to the point of his skin looking orange. The boys find out that James has "Hollywood Fever" from Camille and when Gustavo sees this, he tells Kendall, Logan, and Carlos to fix James or he will have to replace him. Kendall, Logan and Carlos go on a mission to get rid of the his tanning spray by chasing him around with water-guns. While on the mission, Carlos finds out that the one of the Jennifers went away so he joins their group and also catches Hollywood fever. Meanwhile, while Logan looks for James in Palm Woods Park, he runs into Guitar Dude who gives him a set of bongos and tells him to chill out, catching the fever and losing his uptight edge in the process. Kendall, Gustavo, and Kelly decide to split up and cure the three of Hollywood Fever: Gustavo gets a psychiatrist for James, Kelly tries to get Carlos to go on a shopping cart sling-shot, and Kendall tries to remind Logan of his love for math, but they all fail in their attempts. When Gustavo and Kelly wonder why Kendall has not caught Hollywood fever when James, Logan, and Carlos have caught it and decide Kendall should go solo, Kendall tells them he will go on the ice to think how to solve the problem because this always brings him back to his roots. Kelly and Kendall realize that Hollywood Fever is just a manifestation of home-sickness so they enlist Katie to help them get shaved ice snowballs to remind the guys who they really are and where they come from. Katie gives up the snow cones store and gives it to Mr Bitters. After she leaves a health inspector comes and asks for a license for operating a food stand. He gets charged $500 and then gets charged another $500 for bribing an officer and gets charged another $500 for saying "Rats", and also gets charged $500 again for running away. After hitting the three with snowballs, the guys are led to Palm Woods Park which Buddha Bob has covered with ice. The three get cured of Hollywood Fever and have a snowball fight with Gustavo, Kelly, Kendall, and their other friends. Meanwhile Katie makes a shaved ice stand which Bitters takes away from her because she cannot open a food court on the hotel premises. With the help of Buddha Bob, she opens another shaved ice stand that is hanging 6 inches over the floor so it isn't on the hotel premises. In the end she sells the stand to Bitters so she can help Kendall and seconds later the stand is closed down by a food inspector.