The kids at the Palm Woods are organizing their first school dance and the boys of Big Time Rush have secured the perfect location, Gustavo's recording studio. However there is a catch, the guys have to perform one of their songs during the evening. Now on top of having to get the perfect date, the guys have the added pressure of giving their first performance in front of a live audience. Kendall and Katie attempt to find their mom a perfect date, during which Kendall forgets to ask Jo to the dance, instead asking her to do preparations for the dance. The Jennifers all take Carlos under different personas after rejecting all the guys who asked them including Carlos (Carlos being the coolest, but still out of their league) and a nerdy kid. Logan tries to find the courage to ask Camille but failing miserably each time. James in his attempts to help out Logan accidentally asks out numerous girls including Rachael. In the end however, Mrs. Knight manages to get television hunk Fabio to be her date, due to Kendall and Katie's persuasion. Jo gets mad at Kendall until realizing that Kendall already thought they were together which made him never ask. Carlos forgets all three personas the Jennifers forced him into, then due to their tug-of-war over him dumps them and takes Stephanie as his date instead, leaving the three dancing with the nerdy kid. Logan finally manages to ask out Camille after riding on a fake horse with Kendall and James as the body. Later on, they sing their new song Stuck in front of the whole audience, as Gustavo told them to do, Although, they sang along with footage of people dancing & Mrs. Knight talking to her date, while disturbing the performance. James however is chased out of the dance by a mob of girls after realizing he asked them all out to the dance by accident. The episode ends with everyone dancing & having a good time with the exception of James and possibly the Jennifers