The boys must impress a well-known blogger, Deke whose words can control their career. They are going to be spending a "Day with Deke" very soon, so Gustavo hires people to train the boys to have a good "Day with Deke". While the boys are training, Gustavo gets a "Scuttlebutter" account and sends out a Scutbut that he hate Brussels, the capital of Belgium. (He meant to type that he hates Brussels Sprouts) After the training, the boys have their "Day with Deke". At the Palmwoods, Katie and Mr. Bitters are having friendly bets, Katie wins all of them. During the boys' "Day with Deke", Deke asks a few questions and concludes that Big Time Rush is "a big waste of time", and leaves. The boys chase him and try to convince him to write a better review. Deke refuses and James goes crazy and locks him in the supply closet, calling it "Plan C". Meanwhile, Gustavo sees himself on the news, saying that Belgian protesters are outside of Rocque Records and joining the protest is violent movie star Jean-Luc Varn Darn. Soon the protesters barge in and attack Gustavo. Back at the Palmwoods, Deke tries to escape through the ducts. The boys catch him and trap Deke in a recycling bin, and soon let him go. Katie and Mr. Bitters have one last bet. Katie makes him stand behind a small bucket and bets that she can throw many water balloons and not get a drop of water on him. Katie hits him with all of the balloons and doesn't get any of them into the bucket. Mr. Bitters cheers and mocks Katie for losing the bet. Katie then tells him that she bet a bunch of kids $20 that she could pelt him with balloons and make him cheer. She's going to use the money to finance her advice blog, "". Later, Kelly, Gustavo and the boys read the review Deke wrote. The review starts out to be bad, but in the end, Deke says that due to their rushing action & approval to be themselves, instead of only caring about looking hot & shining for the cameras, Deke said that Big Time Rush, rather than Big Time Phonies, are four dedicated teenage boys who love singing, dancing, & living life, & then Deke claims that he looks forward to seeing their new album. If the boys just let Deke go to the coffee shop and write a bad review about them, their career would be ruined. In the end, Gustavo wants the boys to make videos for the new Big Time Rush website, and Kelly tells them to try not to break the cameras. They make a video of what it's like to slide down the Palmwoods air duct, breaking the camera.