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Arthur Griffin (Matt Riedy) is Gustavo's serious and straight-forward boss who likes being referred to as simply "Griffin". He has a pet liger. He is obsessed with the warmth of his pants, and the minute they get even a little cold, he immediately tells his two assistants to get him a new pair fresh from the dryer. He has a daughter named Mercedes who is shown in "Big Time Demos" who is a spoiled brat who eventually changes her behavior after "dating" Kendall, Logan and Carlos (not James because, according to her, he's too pretty for her), though she didn't date Logan until "Big Time Party". He thinks incredibly high of himself. He thinks that he has a lot of creativity, but, as said by Gustavo, "He has the creativity of a walnut!". This is shown in "Big Time Photo Shoot" where he messed up a simple shot very fast using the theme of "Space Matadors".